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Monthly Archives: January 2017

600 Million Year Geologic Record

  The current CO2 level of 400 ppm is at the extreme low end of the past 600 million years. Plants and therefore most life will die if CO2 falls below 180ppm. CO2 has been as high at 7,000 ppm,…

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Al Gore’s Ice Core CO2 Temperature Chart

Ironically, some of the most damning evidence again the AGW or Anthropogenic Global Warming Theory comes from Al Gore himself. Climate change is the norm. Never in the 800,000-year ice core record is climate not changing. Four Temperature Peaks in…

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Less Extreme, Unstable Weather With Warming – 2016 Peer Reviewed Papers

Less Extreme, Unstable Weather With Warming – 2016 Peer Reviewed Papers van der Wiel et al., 2016       [T]he observed record and historical model experiments were used to investigate changes in the recent past. In part because of large…

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Climate change extreme weather events due to low CO2 (1970-79)

  1970: Brazil’s Torrential Rain & Floods Leaves Tens of Thousands Homeless 1970: 35-Foot Storm Surge Waves Swamp Bay of Bengal Region 1970: Torrential rains, floods, high winds and a heat wave produce worst modern Romanian death toll 1970: Massive…

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