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Monthly Archives: May 2017

Trump Announcement on US Role in the Paris Non-treaty “Treaty”

Trump Announcement on US Role in the Paris Non-treaty “Treaty” via Carlin Economics and Science Reuters reported this evening that President Trump will announce his decision on the US role in the Paris non-treaty “Treaty” at 3 pm EDT…

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Spectacular Heatwave Of June 1, 1934

Spectacular Heatwave Of June 1, 1934 via The Deplorable Climate Science Blog A massive, unprecedented heatwave and drought was in progress on June 1, 1934. Government climate experts don’t talk about this sort of thing, because it wrecks their…

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Politicians don’t lie.

Politicians don’t lie. via Scottish Sceptic In this article I present a radical case: that politicians almost never lie in public. That is not to say they do not mislead, instead I make the argument, that whilst it can…

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In one graph, why the #ParisAgreement is useless

In one graph, why the #ParisAgreement is useless via Watts Up With That? Activists think the world will be uninhabitable for our children if the U.S. pulls out of the Paris Climate Accord. For example, via Vox Quitting the…

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