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Monthly Archives: July 2017

Scandal: Australian Bureau of Meteorology caught erasing cold temperatures

Front page scandal today in Australia: BoM opens cold case on temperature data Jennifer Marohasy, Lance Pidgeon, at the Stevenson screen, Goulburn Airport. Amazing, the power of the media. Suddenly, the Bureau of Meteorology needs to replace equipment and answer…

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Claim: 59,300 Indian Suicides because Climate

Guest essay by Eric Worrall A new study claims every degree of temperature above 20C increase the likelihood an Indian farmer will commit suicide. Just one problem with this claim: Indian agricultural yields are rising (see graph above). Crop-damaging temperatures…

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Toto Agrees

Toto has never seen cool weather like this in August before. He is more used to the Dust Bowl and tornadoes. Six years ago, Aggie joke professor Andrew Dessler said Texas would be hot and dry for the rest of…

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Shock News : BOM Caught Tampering With Temperature Data

Bureau of Meteorology opens cold case on temperature data Jennifer is coauthor of my chapter in “Climate Change the Facts – 2017“ I just got my copy. It is awesome! Tweet via The Deplorable Climate Science Blog July 31,…

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