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Monthly Archives: July 2017

OPEC’s Existential Sucker Punch

Date: 30/07/17 Bloomberg You wait decades for an existential crisis, then two come along at once. At least that’s how it must feel for OPEC’s beleaguered ministers. In the short term the market for their oil is being eroded by…

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Plummeting July 31 Temperatures In The US Over The Past Century

Prior to 1960, July 31 temperatures were much hotter in the US. On July 31, 1917 almost half of the US was over 95 degrees, but since 1960 the US has averaged about one station out of five over 95F….

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Persistent truth telling climate sceptics cause the BoM to shaft itself again

We blogged on this subject 6th July – But sceptics have been busy behind the scenes as evidenced by Jennifer Marohasy who has blogged a deliciously misleading letter of explanation from the BoM to Minister Frydenberg. Oh how quick the…

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July 2017 Projected Temperature Anomalies from NCEP/NCAR Data

Guest Post By Walter Dnes In continuation of my Temperature Anomaly projections, the following are my July projections, as well as last month’s projections for June, to see how well they fared. Note that I’ve changed to a different NCEP/NCAR…

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