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Monthly Archives: July 2017

Arctic Heart Beat

We are about 50 days away from the annual Arctic ice extent minimum, which typically occurs on or about day 260 (mid September). Some take any year’s slightly lower minimum as proof that Arctic ice is dying, but the image…

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Cancer risk versus Climate risks

It was quite hectic in the last month. Now the dust is slowly starting to settle, I will try to pick up blogging again. The subject of previous post was the statement that climate scientists are as certain about climate…

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China’s ageing solar panels are going to be a big environmental problem 

What to do with millions of tons of retired solar panels? Answers on a postcard to China. China will have the world’s worst problem with ageing solar panels in less than two decades, according to a recent industry estimate, as…

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Global EV and related climate alarmist colossal messes

Guest essay by Larry Hamlin EVs have been hyped by the climate alarmist renewable energy activist crowd as an effective approach for reducing greenhouse gas emissions regarding transportation energy consumption, which for many nations is a large portion of their…

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