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Monthly Archives: August 2017

Australians forced to pay $60b for expensive “green” electricity

The Australian calculates the total bill will be in the order of $60b for green electricity. Read it all (if you can), then write to your MP and Senator. Ask why — if they are serious about helping reduce CO2…

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Invest with Greens or Sinners?

By Mary Brown, I was sipping a soy latte after doing yoga on my recent eco-vacation and I started pondering a question: With the world turning “green”, wouldn’t it make sense to invest in green energy and divest from those…

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Who’s Number 1? The Race To Be The World’s Highest Emitter

Contributed by Robert Lyman © 2017 A companion piece to an earlier post: India – The Next Greenhouse Gas Emissions Giant There is so much written in the media about the efforts of the wealthier countries in the world like ……

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L A Times dishonest, deceptive and flawed claim that Hurricane Harvey is linked to man made climate change

Guest essay by Larry Hamlin The L A Times published yet another of its climate alarmist campaign articles unsupported by scientific data attempting to politicalize Hurricane Harvey as being connected to man made climate change. This article is just another…

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