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Monthly Archives: August 2017

Warming Hiatus & Cooling Persist In Eastern China To This Day

“There is no evidence indicating a termination of the recent warming hiatus in eastern China. The question of when the accelerated warming trend will resume needs to be answered by climate model prediction.” Persisting and strong warming hiatus over eastern…

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Warm is stable – Cold is change

Guest Post by Wim Röst Introduction Today ‘warm’ is strongly connected with ‘climate change’, if not with ‘dangerous climate change’. In the minds of people ‘cold’ should be more stable. But, paleo data show that it is ‘cold’ that is…

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Anti-Fracking Activists Face Prison Threat Over Obstruction

Anti-fracking protesters face the threat of prison if they obstruct Ineos’s efforts to explore for shale gas after it secured wide-ranging injunctions to protect its operations. The petrochemicals group, which is preparing to drill for shale at several sites in…

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EV Power Scenarios

By Paul Homewood     There has been a lot of debate about the additional electricity demands which electric cars will impose on the grid. A figure of an extra 30GW has been widely reported, but this…

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