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Monthly Archives: August 2017

Michael Mann’s claims that Harvey was caused by global warming are destroyed by an operational meteorologist

Bastardi: No Michael Mann — Climate change did not cause Hurricane Harvey Meteorologist Joe Bastardi takes down fake Nobelist Michael Mann’s lame effort in the Guardian to link climate with Hurricane Harvey. By Joe Bastardi August 29, 2017, Reprinted with…

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Video: Death of a Climate Icon, the polar bear’s demise as a useful poster child

Last week I asked: “What’s causing the death of the polar bear as a climate change icon?” I was echoing the conclusion of a commentator at the Arctic Institute (22 August 2017) who lamented: “The polar bear is dead, long…

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Hurricane Harvey In Perspective

By Paul Homewood     Thankfully it’s stopped raining in Houston, so time for a round up on Storm Harvey. Total rainfall from the storm peaked at 51.88 in at Cedar Bayou, just outside Houston. This beat the previous…

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Low Fat consensus was wrong: High carb diets increase death rates

How many people have died prematurely because they swapped their fats for carbohydrates? More fat meant less death (left). More carbs (right) meant the opposite (at least above 60%). (Click to see the full table of Figure 1 results). New…

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