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Monthly Archives: September 2017

Climate models overheat

Guest essay by Michel de Rougemont Without questioning the observed global warming or the emissions to the atmosphere of infrared-absorbing gases, three central issues remain without properly quantified responses, without which no other climate policy than that of a gradual…

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Barents Sea Ice-Free. How Come?

Might maritime activities, such as shipping, oil extraction, fishing etc. be having an effect on Barents Sea ice extents?  Arnd Bernaerts has an informative post up at his blog: They warm-up the Arctic! Shipping, Off-Shore, Science etc.! Dr. Bernaerts explains: It…

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Solar Activity Plays Key Role In North American Blizzard Frequency, Study Finds

Yet another study has been published showing that regional climate cycles are related to solar activity. The most recent suggest that blizzards in North America are related to solar activity cycles. Blizzard in Kansas. Photo: NOAA – public domain. ==========================================…

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What Happened to the Armchair Environmentalists and Climate Alarmists When the Hurricanes Hit?

Guest Opinion: Dr. Tim Ball There are two ways to get ahead. Pull yourself up or push other people down. There are few better exponents of the pushdown option than the environmental groups and their supporters. They are, for the…

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