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By Dr. S. Fred Singer An essay in the current issue [Oct 2017] of Eos [house-organ & newsletter of the American Geophysical Union (AGU)] is titled “Red, Blue – and Peer-Review PR].” The essay asserts that p-r is superior to…

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Good news! Oysters may be safe from ocean acidification

From the UNIVERSITY OF PLYMOUTH Future climate change may not adversely affect seafood quality The eating qualities of UK oysters may not be adversely affected by future ocean acidification and global warming, new research has suggested. Scientists have previously demonstrated that…

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“Wall Street loves electric cars, America loves trucks,” Tesla news, cobalt cliffs, lithium landslides and real disruptive innovation.

Guest musings by David Middleton #BUSINESS NEWSOCTOBER 27, 2017 / 12:47 AM / 4 DAYS AGO Wall Street loves electric cars, America loves trucks Paul Lienert, Joseph White DETROIT (Reuters) – Wall Street may love the shares of Silicon Valley…

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Conflict Of Interest

If NASA and NOAA said “global warming is not a problem” they would immediately lose billions of dollars in funding. No one is going to pay them to study a non-problem. They have a very fundamental conflict of interest, and…

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