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BoM summer Outlook axed in a fortnight now “lives at risk” due Vic floods

Summer rain Outlook 16 Nov foretold near average for SW Aust. Summer rain Outlook 30 Nov better but already wrong. OK so anybody can make mistakes – lets check what they forecast for November rain on Oct 12th and then…

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My Favo(u)rite Tree In England

My Favo(u)rite Tree In England This entry was posted in Uncategorized . Bookmark the permalink . via The Deplorable Climate Science Blog November 30, 2017 at 06:13PM

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Polar bears refused to die as predicted and this is how the propheseers respond

By Paul Homewood   When they can’t win with facts, they resort to smear tactics, as Susan Crockford has just found out. The polar bear experts who predicted tens of thousands of polar bears would be dead by now (given…

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Causes and predictability of the exceptionally active 2017 Atlantic hurricane season

by Jim Johnstone and Judith Curry The good news: the 2017 Atlantic hurricane season is over.  The bad news: it was an extremely active season, with substantial damage in the U.S. and the Caribbean islands. What caused this extremely active hurricane…

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