Month: December 2017

Cold Now Caused By Heat

The Polar Vortex is forecast to return, and the forecast is clear. Climate scientists will soon start blaming cold on heat.

10-Day Temperature Outlook for the Conterminous U.S.

Just like they do every time it gets cold.


Why We Can Blame A Warm Arctic For This Winter’s Icy Chill | Science | Smithsonian

December 2, 2016

House Science Committee tweets link to climate denial article at Breitbart.

Forty years ago climate scientists weren’t quite as stupid, and they blamed the Polar Vortex, climate change and all bad weather on global cooling – instead of global warming.

National Geographic : 1977 Dec

International Team of Specialists Finds No End in Sight to 30‐Year Cooling Trend in Northern Hemisphere – The New York Times

TIME Magazine Archive Article — Another Ice Age? — Jun. 24, 1974

3 Mar 1975, Page 10 – The Sedalia Democrat at

The great thing about ad hoc climate science, is that junk climate scientists can simply make up sciency sounding explanations for things they understand nothing about – and journalists will believe any idiocy which spews from their mouth.

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December 1, 2017 at 02:14AM


The main lobby group for the plastic insulation trade was, until November 2017, called the British Rigid Urethane Foam Manufacturers’ Association [BRUFMA]. Partly in response to Grenfell Tower – or what it refers to as “events of this year” – BRUFMA changed its name to the Insulation Manufacturers Association.

They advertise that they are “influencing UK and local government, specifying authorities, relevant approval and certification bodies,” and have “high level involvement in the drafting and regular revision of British and European standards [and] the Building Regulations.” Its members are promised the “opportunity to influence Government bodies and NGOs” and “direct input into relevant British Standards committees.”

How that influence works in practice is exposed by examination of government efforts to meet the UK’s climate change commitments. Since the Kyoto agreement in 1997 to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, successive governments have created rules about how new and refurbished buildings must be insulated to reduce heat loss.

In 2011 the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) turned to the insulation industry for help, inviting representatives onto a Green Deal committee to come up with ways to push more insulation into homes. We discovered that of the 10 firms and construction industry groups on that committee, four were members of BRUFMA. One of them was Celotex, the firm whose plastic insulation would be fitted to the outside of Grenfell Tower four years later.

Celotex technical director Rob Warren was a leading committee member who made his intentions clear on a now-deleted company web page. Under the heading “Celotex enter government,” he said his position on the DECC committee meant he was “working inside government” to “shape this critical policy enabling the insulation industry to maximise the benefits.” Construction expert Simon Hay who was also on the committee told us he was aware of the agenda: “The point from the insulation companies was that they were going to sell a lot more insulation,” he said.

A few years later Celotex revealed that the rules the plastics industry helps to write are key to company profits. Trade magazine Urethanes Technology International reported in 2015 that Warren had told them regulatory change was the “greatest driver” of plastic insulation sales. Without new regulations he was reported as saying: “You cannot give insulation away and the public are not really interested.”

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December 1, 2017 at 01:00AM

Germany’s Wind & Solar Obsession Pushes Power Grid to Brink of Total Collapse

If you’re looking for examples on how to deliberately destroy an economy, look no further than renewables obsessed Germany and its equally deranged doppelgänger Downunder, South Australia: both are attempting to run on sunshine and breezes; both suffer rocketing power prices; and both now have grids on the brink of collapse. South Australia has become … Continue reading Germany’s Wind & Solar Obsession Pushes Power Grid to Brink of Total Collapse


December 1, 2017 at 12:31AM