The Horror! Global Warming to Bring Milder Winters, Longer Growing Seasons to Minnesota

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Lakeshore Weekly News has listed the terrifying consequences of global warming for icy Minnesota – milder winters, wetter, hotter summers, longer growing seasons.

With climate change, Minnesota will not be as we know it

By Hannah Jones

The Freshwater Society and the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office Water Patrol track ice-out dates for Lake Minnetonka. In some places, such as Prior Lake, people watch for ice-in dates, too.

But this annual Minnesota tradition is gradually going to change as Minnesota feels the effects of climate change. Sam Potter, a Minnesota native with a doctorate in atmospheric and oceanic sciences from Princeton University, can tell you just how much it has changed already.

“This is a lot of what global warming is. It’s moving toward a new state,” he said.

Potter said over the last 30 years, the average Minnesota temperature has warmed nearly 2 degrees.

That may not seem like much, and in reality, climate change’s effect on Minnesota life isn’t as cut and dried as the word “warming” would imply. For instance, from 1951 to 1980, in a given month, temperatures could fluctuate from 13 degrees below average to 15 above. For the last 30 years, that trend has shifted. The range is now from 12 below to more than 21 above.

“This is the big fingerprint of global warming — extremes,” he said.

That means a number of things. It means there will be more “tropical” nights when the temperature doesn’t drop below 68 degrees. It means growing seasons will be longer but peppered with more extreme storms. It means winters will be milder. Summers will be hotter. More rain, less snow.

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Living on the edge of the tropics, I feel qualified to describe life in a warmer climate. The temperature in my hometown hasn’t dropped below 68F for at least two months. Our only relief from this unrelenting 24 hour heat is to drink beer, hold lots of late night outdoor BBQs, to avoid the heatstroke risks of indoor cooking, and when all else fails, to cool off splashing about in our large swimming pools.

Only by acting now can Minnesotans avoid this same awful fate.

The following is a cautionary video prepared by Minnesotans for Global Warming, detailing the consequences of allowing global warming to continue in their state.

via Watts Up With That?

January 7, 2018 at 09:20PM

One Comment on “The Horror! Global Warming to Bring Milder Winters, Longer Growing Seasons to Minnesota

  1. I keep saying warming is GOOD news. What idiots want to shovel snow all winter? Oh, that’s right, ones that would elect Al Franken.

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