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Monthly Archives: January 2018

Why China’s Freezing

A well-meaning anti-pollution push turned into a debacle. Alternatives needed. Photographer: Kevin Frayer/Getty China is suffering from a frigid winter, but it can’t blame Mother Nature alone. Late last week, following a widespread uproar, officials reversed a policy banning some provinces from using…

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Neil Oliver: I’m Dreaming Of A Lustrous Mini Ice Age To Give Us A Global Warming Time Out

A new ice age to look forward to? Can it be true? This is the best news I have heard all year. I was half awake during the night this week, listening to the radio when the news item came…

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Here is a link to the latest research into the cosmic ray link to cloud formation and hence to Earth’s temperature. It is a very plausible explanation which, if accepted, will lead to a down-playing of the affect of CO2…

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Rocketing Power Prices & Chaotic Supply Send Australian Businesses Packing to Pennsylvania USA

Every viable business depends upon a reliable and affordable electricity supply. In Australia, thanks to its suicidal renewable energy policies, that essential combination is now a relic of history. The chaos and staggering cost of intermittent wind and solar power…

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