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Monthly Archives: January 2018

Chinese researchers claim they discovered a 500 year solar cycle that may affect climate

This new paper has done some interesting analysis, similar to what we’ve seen done here on WUWT by Willis Eschenbach. It will be interesting to see what he and our resident solar physicist, Dr. Leif Svalgaard have to say about…

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Magnetic Pole Swapping and Cooling

The Earth’s North magnetic pole has been wandering at 10-year intervals from 1970 to 2020, as seen in this animation from the National Centers for Environmental Information. This post discusses solar and geologic magnetic pole swapping (not with each other…

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Green Myth Exposed: China’s CO2 Emissions Jumped By 4% Last Year

By Paul Homewood     I reported back in November how provisional figures suggested that coal consumption was on the rise again in China, along with emissions of CO2.   Now, according to the NYT, official figures are confirming this:…

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Whoa! Scientific American excoriates Bill Nye

This was unexpected. Alarmists are starting to eat their own over Trump. From “Scientific American”, a once great magazine. Bill Nye Does Not Speak for Us and He Does Not Speak for Science By attending the State of the Union…

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