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Monthly Archives: February 2018

NSW Govt wasting water to the sea right now

NSW Govt wasting water to the sea right now The Shoalhaven catchment has seen above average rain in Feb and the river is running big. Tallowa Dam is filling and being drained to the sea. Some Tallowa water could be…

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6 to 8 feet of snow forecast for California mountains

6 to 8 feet of snow forecast for California mountains The latest weather model projections show significant amount of snow over the next 72 hours. This will certainly help California’s drought situation. However it’s going to completely cripple road travel…

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Sorry ABC the urban heat island is not mysterious

More GreenLeft deception re the urban heat island UHI. The UHI was recognized in Ancient Rome. 200 years ago Luke Howard published masses of detailed data on the London UHI. Thousands of scientific papers have been published – books have…

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Climate Explainers Tackle All That Snow

Guest essay by Eric Worrall The localised US “global warming hole” seems to have taken an excursion to Northern Africa, Europe, Russia, Asia and Great Britain over the last few weeks, but this hasn’t stopped climate explainers from trying to…

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