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Monthly Archives: February 2018

Al Gore’s Chinese Smoke And Mirrors

By Paul Homewood   The likes of Al Gore and the BBC love to reel out figures supposedly showing how quickly China is building new renewable capacity. Anyone not familiar with the actual data might think that the…

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Asian Coal Demand To Offset EU And US Decline

BANGKOK — Demand for coal in developing Asian countries will offset a decline in Europe and the U.S., enabling the industry to continue growing, according to the head of the World Coal Association. A number of Asian countries, including China, the…

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Remembering Sandy Hook

I worked for a while in Sandy Hook, Connecticut and used to ride my bicycle past Sandy Hook Elementary School on my way to work from Danbury. I was always incredulous about the official story after the shooting. This story…

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The Thing Of The Past Returns

I’ve never seen this much snow forecast for southern England. Europe-wide Next 3 Days Accumulated Snow Experts told us 18 years ago that this was impossible, thanks to a harmless, essential trace gas. According to Dr David Viner, a senior…

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