HuffPost Rely On Twitter Trolls For News Now!

HuffPost Rely On Twitter Trolls For News Now!

February 28, 2018

By Paul Homewood


HuffPost have been making even bigger fools of themselves:





Nigel Farage has lamented the apparent lack of gritters in central London whilst suggesting the ‘Beast from the East’ weather system currently dumping snow across the UK is proof global warming isn’t real.

The former Ukip-leader’s tweet posted on Wednesday morning provoked a tide of scientific debunking mixed with utterly scathing put-downs.

Firstly, some science – Farage is wrong to imply global warming results in solely warmer weather and any freak cold spells prove the phenomenon’s absence.

The Arctic is currently experiencing “crazy” high temperatures, as much as 20C above normal levels.

<strong>'Warm' air where there should be none.</strong> (Climate Reanalyzer)

‘Warm’ air where there should be none. (Climate Reanalyzer)

This warm air is pushing colder air and blizzards south which is what the UK is currently experiencing. It could prove to be a freak event but it could also mean global warming is eroding the polar vortex and even scientists’ most pessimistic forecasts of the effects of climate change may need to be revised.

Either way, Farage is way off the mark, as Twitter wasted no time in pointing out.


They then go on to show some of the supposed scientific twitter responses:






Leaving aside the fact that a brief temperature spike in the Arctic is a weather event and not climate change, and is not unprecedented anyway, there is clearly an implication that we never used to have cold weather like this in the UK.

This is palpable nonsense:


UK Mean temperature - Winter


And up to yesterday, the mean CET in this latest spell of cold has only gone as low as minus 0.7C, well within the 95th percentile:



The record low mean in February was –8.8C in 1816.

We should also remember that all of the experts have been forecasting milder winters as a result of climate change, along with promises that “children will no longer know what snow is”.

A couple of morons then go on to claim that the gulf stream is disappearing, with one even suggesting Nigel watches The Day After Tomorrow, to check up on the latest climate science!


We all know that there are many idiots out there, who broadcast their ignorance on twitter. But HuffPost is sinking to new lows, which is really saying something, if the best response to Farage’s perfectly reasonable message is to publish some of them, instead of doing some fact checking themselves.

Farage’s whole point was that local authorities may have become complacent with regards to gritting, because of the obsession with global warming.


HuffPost finish with this:




Perhaps they should learn to check the facts in future:




February 28, 2018 at 12:25PM

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