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Monthly Archives: February 2018

Warming to 2100: A Lukewarmer Scenario

My previous post dealt with a 1D model of ocean temperature changes to 2,000m depth, optimized to match various observed quantities: deep-ocean heat storage, surface temperature warming, the observed lagged-variations between CERES satellite radiative flux and surface temperature, and warming/cooling…

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Challenging statistics of weather extremes

From KING ABDULLAH UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY (KAUST) By integrating previously distinct statistical paradigms into a single modeling scheme, Raphaël Huser from KAUST and Jennifer Wadsworth from Lancaster University in the UK have taken some of the guesswork out of…

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Thanks to readers, I’m at NASA now – waiting for press briefing

Thanks to readers, I’m at NASA now – waiting for press briefing I’m at the NASA press Center on Merritt Island at this moment, writing live from the John Holliman Press Center. As you can see above, the upcoming press…

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A DYI Climate Sensitivity Toolkit

Guest disalarmism by David Middleton Do you ever watch the DYI Network?  The TV network where they have all the “Do It Yourself” home improvement shows?  I don’t watch it because I can’t do anything like that myself.  If a…

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