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Monthly Archives: April 2018

Low Bering Sea ice mostly due to south winds, no data on an impact for polar bears

Sea ice in the Bering Sea this winter was said to be the lowest since the 1850s, largely driven by persistent winds from the south rather than the usual north winds although warm Pacific water was a factor early in…

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Pielke on Climate #10

Welcome to issue #10 of my occasional newsletter on climate and energy issues. As a reminder, my day-to-day research or writing is focused on sports governance and various issues of science policy. But I’ve written a fair bit on the…

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Governor Moonbeam Loses The Plot

Governor Moonbeam Loses The Plot Here in California, we have one of the more deluded Governors in history, Jerry Brown. He has gotten his sobriquet “Governor Moonbeam” the old fashioned way … he earned it honestly through things like maniacally…

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Researchers plan biggest ever Antarctic field campaign

The edge of the Thwaites glacier [credit: NASA photograph by Jim Yungel] This BBC report seems unaware that a study in 2014 found that parts of the Thwaites Glacier are subject to melting due to subglacial volcanoes and other geothermal…

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