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Monthly Archives: April 2018

Ireland faces annual EU energy fines of €600m

Ireland faces annual EU energy fines of €600m April 30, 2018 More lunacy from the EU:   From the Independent:     Ireland faces annual EU energy fines of €600m 1 Ireland faces fines of €600m a year from the EU…

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EU To Spend Quarter Of Budget On Climate Policies

From Bloomberg:     Climate-Linked Spending Set to Rise to a Quarter of EU Budget 30 April 2018 European Commission to present 2021-2027 budget proposal May 2 Climate to be component of regional aid, transport spending The European Union’s executive…

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20 Years Later, The ‘Hockey Stick’ Graph Behind Waves Of Climate Alarmism Is Still In Dispute

It was 20 years ago, climate scientist Michael Mann published his famous “hockey stick” graph that he says “galvanized climate action” by showing unprecedented global warming. Original “hockey stick” temperature graph in Nature, 1998. The Y axis shows the Northern…

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Climate Craziness of the Week: The @NobelPrize spews moronic climate propaganda

I did a double-take when I saw this, and at first I thought this must be coming from a fake Twitter account. So, I checked. And yes, it is from the official Nobel Twitter account: Unfortunately, it’s all too real….

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