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Climate Rent Seekers Target Your Insurance Premiums

Guest essay by Eric Worrall If you thought the job of insurance companies is to charge customers a competitive fee to cover insured risk, you’re sadly mistaken. According to regulators and influential green groups, insurance companies should be investing more…

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Latest Forecast for the Atlantic Hurricane Season

Latest Forecast for the Atlantic Hurricane Season Brief Note by Kip Hansen   Phillip Klotzbach and Michael Bell, who continue the invaluable work of the late  William M. Gray,  at the  Department of Atmospheric Science of Colorado State University have…

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NOTE: Please find our new website

NOTE: Please find our new website If you’ve landed here on this homepage, please be advised that we’ve moved off hosting to a new server host (also run by WordPress) called Pressable. If you keep finding yourself here, it…

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Good news: real air pollution trends in US continue downward, but slower than hoped

From the “EPA models are always accurate” department comes this bit of good news. The air we breathe today in the United States is much cleaner than it was in the 1960s and 70s. But recent satellite data show that…

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