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Monthly Archives: May 2018

Josh’s ‘stupidest paper ever’ cartoon on a mousepad and polar bear science tote bags

You can now own a mouse pad featuring Josh’s ‘stupidest paper ever’ cartoon or treat yourself to a versatile tote bag for your summer activities with a positive, non-confrontational message about polar bears. Or give them as gifts. Proceeds from…

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Despite cooling problems NOAA GOES17 is producing good visible imagery

Despite cooling problems NOAA GOES17 is producing good visible imagery We reported last week on the cooling problems associated with GOES17 and the infrared imager. Now a new image has been released that shows the western U.S. and the Pacific….

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Inconvenient: new treeline paper suggest temperatures were warmer 9000 years ago

3 to 4 degrees centigrade warmer, in fact. Far greater than recent warming. The new paper, Kulman et al. 2018 relies on paleoclimatology, which as we’ve learned from Mann, can be taken with a grain of salt. Because trees may…

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Turnbull govt proposes carbon tax on new cars to keep old cars on the road and increase pollution

Showing an uncanny knack to do exactly the wrong thing at the point when it becomes unfashionably late, the Turnbull government  is apparently considering using Australian cars to control the climate. As a nation of die-hard car heads with the…

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