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On the need to restrain scientists

In his 1905 veto of what would have been the first and eugenics-aimed compulsory sterilization law in the U.S., Pennsylvania Gov. Samuel Pennypacker stated: Scientists, like all other men whose experiences have been limited to one pursuit, and whose…

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The Mystery of Upheaval Dome: Uniformitarian Impact Craters, Part Quatre

Guest 7,043 word essay by David Middleton In my previous three posts on uniformitarian impact craters, we examined the pitfalls of drawing cartoons on Google Earth images without ever looking at the geology; how the Carolina Bays are as antithetical to…

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Study: UHI in Los Angeles is driving off coastal clouds that dampen California wildfires

From the THE EARTH INSTITUTE AT COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY and “an actual case of man-made climate change” department. Urbanization and climate change combine to heighten danger Sunny California may be getting too sunny. Increasing summer temperatures brought on by a combination of…

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Global warming in the homeland of the Pope

More than 400 trucks were stranded by heavy snowfall yesterday waiting for the reopening of the crossing to Chile. There is a white blanket of 35 cm (more than a foot) and it’s still coming down. Horcones is covered by…

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