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Monthly Archives: May 2018

LATimes Evan Halper propagandizes for Big Trucking against the glider truck industry

Here is my line-by-line of Evan Halper’s error-filled report in the Los Angeles Times. The article is below. My in-line comments are in [bold brackets]. ### EPA used disavowed research to justify putting dirtier trucks on the road By EVAN…

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‘Resistance’ games EPA Science Advisory Board meeting

By design, the public comment period at today’s EPA Science Advisory Board meeting will feature only Trump EPA opponents. Click here for info on today’s meeting. Here is the list of ‘public commenters’: These activist commenters will be urging the…

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German Minister Warns Coal Exit By 2030 Is Impossible

German Minister Warns Coal Exit By 2030 Is Impossible NRW state premier says coal exit by 2030 is impossible An end to coal-fired power generation in Germany by 2030 is impossible, according to Armin…

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Wrangling Over German Coal Exit Talks Reveals Difficult Task Ahead

Germany struggles to get its highly anticipated coal exit task force on track. The government on Wednesday postponed at the last minute the official launch of the phase-out commission for the third time. The quarrels over the commission’s leadership and remit bear…

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