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Quote of the Week – Rex Murphy on why Trump hatred is like Global Warming

Quote of the Week – Rex Murphy on why Trump hatred is like Global Warming

From his column in the Canadian National Post:

It may now join the propositions of Euclid, as impregnable to rebuttal, that Donald Trump or any news that alludes to him, unhinges the minds of those who oppose him. Trump, in this respect, is like global warming. He is the universal key to every phenomenon. Any statement about Trump, so long as it is in any way condemnatory, dismissive, insulting or condescending, requires neither proof, consistency, logic or (and especially) decency.

Just as enlisting in the grand cause of global warming invests the recruit with the immeasurable gifts of infallibility, moral superiority and boundless righteousness, so too does opposition, even to hatred, of Trump free the mind from all obligation to moderation, custom, or articulate argument. It is the ultimate pass to be as nasty and crude as anyone could wish, and — with rarely noted irony — even to be more nasty and crude than the great boorish Trump himself. How odd: to oppose Trump is to become a more clangorous version of him.

Full editorial here

I wonder if Rex was talking about David Appell’s recent debate?

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June 30, 2018 at 11:08AM

Claim: Black lung returns to coal country

That’s NPR’s claim — but is it true? I asked a pulmonologist who has treated black lung. Here is the NPR report (audio). Coal workers’ pneumoconiosis (CWP), also known as black lung disease or black lung can be simple or complicated. Simple CWP is not associated with any disability, though many thousands of miners have … Continue reading Claim: Black lung returns to coal country


June 30, 2018 at 10:09AM

Don’t Trust a Fox in a Green Meadow

Bereft of gainful employment, I now find myself spending more time than is good for me plucking at the internet for morsels of entertainment. Thus engaged, and being a sucker for the allure of an intriguing title, I recently settled upon the following article, written by a certain Michelle Nijhuis, and posted on Vox,1 the self-proclaimed … Continue reading "Don’t Trust a Fox in a Green Meadow"

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June 30, 2018 at 10:05AM

Summer Arctic Ice Remains Stubborn As Volume Grows And North Atlantic Cools!

The following Arctic sea ice area chart from the Bremerhaven-based Alfred-Wegener Institute shows a current sea ice area that is about 1 million square kilometers below the mean.

Chart: Alfred Wegener Institute, University of Bremen.

But don’t let the lower than normal sea ice area fool you into thinking the ice is disappearing, and that the alarmist climate scientists are right. They aren’t.

In turns out that the ice is far thicker than it’s been over the past years, and so total ice volume, which is what really counts, is rebounding impressively, according the most recent data.

Arctic ice volume 3rd highest in 16 years

Japanese skeptic blogger Kirye at posted at Twitter: “The current sea ice volume has been the 3rd highest in 16 years since June 24, 2018, according to the DMI.”

The chart from the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) shows that the Arctic ice volume on June 29 was dead normal:

Source: DMI.

Moreover, Arctic sea ice thickness is well above what was observed 10 years earlier, in 2008.

June ice volume reaches highest level in 13 years

Charting the Arctic ice volume for June 26, we see that it has reached its highest level in 13 years:

Chart taken from Real Climate Science, Tony Heller.

Clearly Arctic sea ice has stabilized over the past 10 years and it is nowhere near disappearing, as a number of hysterical scientists were predicting just 10 or 12 years ago.

So now expect global warming alarmists to ignore the Arctic and to focus on weather anecdotes to keep their climate catastrophe scam going.

Greenland ice mass balance skyrockets

Also Greenland ice mass balance remains far above normal, some 75 billion metric tonnes above the mean.

Chart source: DMI, via Kirye at Twitter.

This year is also seeing the James Bay and Hudson Bay still almost completely covered with ice on June 30, as the following CDAS chart shows:

Global sea surface temperatures. Source: Tropical Tidbits.

North Atlantic sea surface temps well below normal

So what could be behind the slow ice melt in northeastern Canada, growing Arctic ice volume, and Greenland ice mass?

One major factor is likely the much colder than normal north Atlantic sea surface temperatures that’s keeping the region refrigerated.

The following chart shows the anomaly from the mean:

Source: Tropical Tidbits.

The North Atlantic is well below normal temperatures.

Cold tropical Atlantic to suppress hurricanes?

Also the tropical Atlantic, from the west coast of Africa to the Caribbean, is colder than normal. According to hurricane expert Philip Klotzbach at Twitter, the temperature pattern over the Atlantic is opposite of what was observed during the summer of hurricane intense 2017.

Klotzbach suspects the current cold across the tropical Atlantic could act to suppress hurricane formation. That would be good news.

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June 30, 2018 at 09:30AM