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Monthly Archives: June 2018

Quote of the Week – Rex Murphy on why Trump hatred is like Global Warming

Quote of the Week – Rex Murphy on why Trump hatred is like Global Warming From his column in the Canadian National Post: It may now join the propositions of Euclid, as impregnable to rebuttal, that Donald Trump or any…

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Claim: Black lung returns to coal country

That’s NPR’s claim — but is it true? I asked a pulmonologist who has treated black lung. Here is the NPR report (audio). Coal workers’ pneumoconiosis (CWP), also known as black lung disease or black lung can be simple or…

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Don’t Trust a Fox in a Green Meadow

Bereft of gainful employment, I now find myself spending more time than is good for me plucking at the internet for morsels of entertainment. Thus engaged, and being a sucker for the allure of an intriguing title, I recently settled…

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Summer Arctic Ice Remains Stubborn As Volume Grows And North Atlantic Cools!

The following Arctic sea ice area chart from the Bremerhaven-based Alfred-Wegener Institute shows a current sea ice area that is about 1 million square kilometers below the mean. Chart: Alfred Wegener Institute, University of Bremen. But don’t let the lower…

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