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Monthly Archives: July 2018

Smart Meters Will Allow Peak Pricing Admits Scottish Power

Gradually the real truth about smart meters is starting to emerge.   From the Telegraph: Smart meters will let companies change cost of electricity every 30 minutes under ‘surge pricing’ Smart meters will allow energy firms to introduce “surge pricing”, one…

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All on the Road to China

The Green-ants said “You can’t burn coal” – so we sent our coal to China. Then our factories and our smelters closed and followed the coal to China. ___________________ All on the Road to China By Viv Forbes The Green-ants…

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Heat Wave Good Vibrations

Enjoy this wonderful hot summertime while it lasts.  Don’t let the climate grinches get you down with their doomsday pronouncements.  Chill out with Sunshine Reggae and let the good vibes get a lot stronger. via Science Matters July 31,…

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USA Today Editorial Board: Climate Change Forecasts Validated… Because… “Hellish July”

Guest ridicule by David Middleton A hellish July validates climate change forecasts The Editorial Board, USA TODAY,  July 30, 2018 With the cost of climate change to the U.S. economy averaging $240 billion a year, America can’t afford not to…

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