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Monthly Archives: August 2018

Tim Ball: Canada Must Get Out of the Paris Climate Agreement.

Tim Ball, head of CLEXIT Canada writes:  I am proud to be the Canadian representative for the climate exit (CLEXIT) movement. Canada has more culpability than any other nation in creating and perpetuating the deception. It is not hyperbole to…

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You’ve heard of “the third degree”? Now you can have “the Mann degree”

From the “I’m going to need a barf bag” department. Dr. Michael Mann comes up with his own degree program. UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Climate science is a field devoted to the study of Earth’s climate in the past, present…

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Underwater drones kill crown-of-thorns starfish to protect Great Barrier Reef

Feeding scars of white coral skeleton [image credit: JSLUCAS75 @ Wikipedia] ‘An individual starfish can consume up to 6 square metres (65 sq ft) of living coral reef per year’ – Wikipedia. Over-population in some areas has damaged the local…

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August Arctic Ice Results

There are two more days to complete August, but these provisional results show what has happened.  July was a surprise with both MASIE and SII showing a monthly surplus to the 11-year average. August ice decline in MASIE was large…

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