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Monthly Archives: September 2018

Many Climate Scientists Have Unintentionally Aided and Abetted Climate Alarmists

One of the most curious aspects of the climate debate is that almost no one insists on mathematically rigorous tests of the major hypotheses that are involved. This is true among the warmists, of course, but is often true among…

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End of the road for solar panels on roadways?

Solar panel road [image credit: Wattway] For several obvious reasons cited below, the conclusion should be that solar panels on road surfaces perform extremely poorly and are essentially an irrelevant waste of money. If the money has to be spent,…

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Arizona Climate Repairman

Christian Komor is a Pensacola, Florida clinical psychologist who suffers Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and is running for Arizona governor on a platform that he will repair the climate. Barack Obama is going to be angry, since he healed the planet…

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Arctic Ice Made Simple

People are overthinking and over-analyzing Arctic Ice extents, and getting wrapped around the axle (or should I say axis).  So let’s keep it simple and we can all readily understand what is happening up North. I will use the ever popular NOAA…

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