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Monthly Archives: October 2018

Heavy snowfall could disrupt traffic across Sweden

30 Oct 2018 -Heavy snowfall prompted SMHI to issue multiple Class 1 weather warnings for both snow (primarily in the northern and central areas) and strong winds (in 19 mainly coastal areas). Parts of Svealand and Norrland are forecast to…

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France – “The snow shovel in October, nobody expected”

The headline reads: “Snow: France was not ready” (“Neige : la France n’était pas prête”) 30 Oct 2018 – Throughout the eastern half of the country, the premature arrival of winter has disrupted traffic and habits. A landscape worthy of a month…

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“100s of Millions of People will Die” – ACF Climate Change Warning about Breaching the 1.5C Limit

Guest essay by Eric Worrall h/t Bob in Castlemaine; The Head of the Australian Conservation Foundation Kelly O’Shanassy delivered a solemn warning last Tuesday to a packed audience of journalists, claiming that if we continue to burn coal and breach…

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Unseasonal snowstorms across south-central France

“Unexpectedly large snowstorms.” “People posted messages on Facebook asking to be rescued.” Up to 40 cm (16 inches) of snowfall in some towns and villages caused chaos on the roads and knocked out electricity to nearly 200,000 homes, authorities said…

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