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Monthly Archives: November 2018

Pied Piper 2018: Australian students skip school for mass protest

By David Evans The BBC in Sydney reports: Thousands of Australian school students have urged greater action on climate change in protests across the country. The students skipped school on Friday to highlight what they say are inadequate climate policies…

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Snowiest November EVER in parts of New York and New England

Considering that this is where the first evidence that we’re entering an ice age could appear, I think record snowfall in these areas is very important._______________ 30 Nov 2018 – “A historically snowy November,” reads the headline in The Washington Post. …

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Knowledge, Ignorance and Climate Change

By Dr. Tilak K. Doshi N. Angel Pinillos, professor of philosophy at Arizona State University, opines in the New York Times about “what philosophy tells us about climate change sceptics”. As his starting premise, he accepts the well-debunked “97% of…

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#Climategate continues – Mann tries to get ahead of his legal problem, releases his own version of emails

Press Release November 30, 2018 On January 6th, 2011, the University of Virginia was asked to disgorge the emails of Dr. Michael Mann that were associated with his work on global warming. The University refused some, but not all of that request….

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