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Colorado Global Warming Update

  via The Deplorable Climate Science Blog January 31, 2019 at 07:24PM

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Good Night BONJOUR

Why you’ll be finding few electric cars on the road in winter. Good Night BONJOUR Dr. Klaus L.E. Kaiser The news is about day and night, especially the latter. BONJOUR, i.e. the company Téo Taxi, a new kind of taxi service…

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Cold records shattered across the Midwest

Millions across the Midwest endure record cold as temperatures plunge to nearly 50F below zero. The unprecedented froze airline gas lines and led to the collapse of electrical grids. Power outages in parts of Wisconsin and Iowa plunged thousands into…

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NOAA 2018-19 Winter Outlook: Another Mild Winter

Guest essay by Eric Worrall As late as last October NOAA’s climate models were predicting a milder than normal winter. Another mild winter? NOAA’s 2018-19 winter outlook Author: Mike Halpert October 22, 2018 The air is starting to feel crisp,…

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