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Monthly Archives: January 2019

More than a thousand flights canceled due to severe cold in the USA

The main reason is that airport staff cannot work for a long time in extreme cold, Interfax reports. According to weather forecasters, Chicago and surrounding cities are experiencing record cold. The temperature in the region, taking into account strong winds,…

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Sciencing Vs. Scientism

  What is Scientific Truth? Previous posts here have discussed the difference between science as a process of discovery (“sciencing” if you will), and science as a catalog of answers to how the world works (“scientism” in this sense). On…

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If the Polar Vortex is due to Global Warming, Why are U.S. Cold Waves Decreasing?

It’s much easier to devise and promote a climate change theory than it is to falsify it. Falsification requires a lot of data over a long period of time, something we don’t usually have in climate research. The “polar vortex”…

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The biggest unnoticed storms in the world cause sudden Polar Vortex havoc

 Sudden Stratospheric Warmings Who knew? The polar vortices are the two strongest and largest “storms” on the planet. These continent scale storms are 600 miles across with winds raging at 300km per hour. Simon Clark is doing (or has done)…

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