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Quote of the week – Federal Judge: ‘Global warming is not starting these fires.’

Quote of the week – Federal Judge: ‘Global warming is not starting these fires.’ SAN FRANCISCO — A day after PG&E filed for bankruptcy protection from what could be multi-billion dollar wildfire liability costs, a federal judge Wednesday declared the…

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Aliens Cause Global Warming

Yesterday I was reminded of this brilliant lecture by the late Dr. Michael Crichton, American author, screenwriter, director, and producer. Some of his more notable works include The Andromeda Strain (1969), Jurassic Park (1990), State of Fear (2004), The Great…

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#PolarVortex2019 smashes records – 84 million people below 0°F

There has been almost a death watch going on for Chicago, looking for an all time new all-time low temperature record to beat the previous -27°F. For those wishing for a new datapoint, Chicago didn’t beat the all time record,…

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Quietest Solar Cycle In 200 Years May Put The Brakes On Warming

Solar Cycle 24 has had the lowest solar activity since the Dalton Minimum around 1810. Our sun was also very sub-normally active in December last year. We are writing the 121st month since the beginning of cycle number 24, in December 2008,…

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