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Monthly Archives: February 2019

Trans-Arctic shipping has flopped

From an expert Norwegian. I wonder why? Of course this is all over our GreenLeft mainstream news. If the constant AGW/CC agitprop we are bombarded with was half true – Arctic shipping would be a boom industry. Dr Yun Sun…

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The seas get cooler around Iceland-Some charts and anecdotes

Reader Steinar J writes: Included is a Word document describing sea temperatures in the vicinity of Iceland, sea ice extent and an excerpt, (translated from Swedish) from an eyewitness report from the Swedish icebreaker tour to The North Pole in…

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Old stone walls record history of Earth’s magnetic wanderings

From AGU 27 February 2019  Posted by llester By Liza Lester Under the forests of New York and New England, a hidden tracery of tumbledown stone walls marks the boundaries of early American farms, long abandoned for city jobs…

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HUGE pushback on science paywalls – University of California cancels Elsevier subscription

Breaking: UC terminates subscriptions with Elsevier in push for open access to publicly funded research Library Communications February 28, 2019 TO: The UC Berkeley academic community FROM: Paul Alivisatos, Executive Vice Chancellor and ProvostBarbara Spackman, Chair, Academic Senate – Berkeley…

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