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Monthly Archives: February 2019

EU hides their Toaster and Kettle bans so they don’t “galvanize” Brexit

The last think the EU want is for the British to be reminded of the EU’s intrusive, pointless plans to control them from afar: Dave Keating, EU’s ban on inefficient toasters delayed to avoid pro-Brexit press attack The EU…

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Ireland Faces €6bn Emissions Failure Bill

Missing its CO2 targets could cost Ireland between €9bn by 2030. The European Commission has found that the State’s climate plans fall far short of the level of ambiton required to put Ireland on a path to achieve its 2030…

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Guess where the biggest volcanic eruption of 2018 was? Hint (not Hawaii)

There have been voluminous headlines, photos, and video describing eruptions on Hawaii’s Kilaueua in 2018, and while they were visually impressive, when it comes to potentially climate altering sulfur dioxide, those eruptions pale in comparison to another Pacific volcano. NASA…

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Senior Conservative says proposed Climate Action Law would “paralyse” Germany

Feldheim village near Berlin, Germany. Germany continues to try and tie its economy in knots in the name of a naive and misplaced belief in mandatory ‘climate action’, as this Clean Energy Wire report shows. The Climate Action Law proposed…

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