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Monthly Archives: February 2019

Green Civil War: ‘Dianne Feinstein Is a Bigger Climate Threat Than Trump’

Only a bold plan like the Green New Deal can slow global warming, and that won’t happen if powerful Democrats keep calling for moderation. […] As Trump denies, though, Democrats delay. On Friday, in an encounter caught on video, Democratic Senator…

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Germany’s Renewable Energy Sector Faces Uncertainty As Subsidies Expire

Much of Germany’s renewable power capacity is facing uncertainty regarding its business models as generous feed-in tariffs for many wind, solar and biogas plants end in the 2020s. With the country needing more, not less, renewable power to meet its climate targets,…

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Trump’s ‘Energy Dominance’ Agenda Is Breaking Russia’s Grip On Poland

From The Daily Caller Tim Pearce | Energy Reporter Natural gas from the U.S. is flooding Polish markets as the European country seeks to loosen Russia’s grip on its energy security, The New York Times reports. Russia supplies roughly half…

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Realistic Alternative to Green New Deal

Alex Berezow takes up the challenge from factually-challenged AOC in his article at American Council on Science and Health Okay, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Here’s An Alternative To Green New Deal Excerpts in italics with my bolds. Does all that sound ridiculously…

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