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Monthly Archives: April 2019

Victorians Vindicated: Bald Hills Locals Ecstatic as Council Declares Wind Farm Noise ‘Unlawful Nuisance’

  A group of Victorian farmers – tormented by wind turbine noise for years – have finally been vindicated with their Council declaring it an unlawful nuisance. The community surrounding the Bald Hills wind farm, built by a Japanese developer,…

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This short video explains why so-called clean energy is not quite as clean as some people try to make out. When all the facts are brought out it can be seen that the situation is not anywhere near as clean…

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Climate Skeptics: Time to Apologize to Professor Holdren

“[Bjorn] Lomborg’s performance careens far across the line that divides respectable (even if controversial science) from thoroughgoing and unrepentant incompetence…. He has needlessly muddled public understanding and wasted immense amounts of the time of capable people who have had to…

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The Conversation: Lets Create a Youth Climate Change National Service

Guest essay by Eric Worrall A university lecturer has proposed creating a state sanctioned volunteer army of youth conservationists, to harness the green enthusiasm of young people. National service for the environment and a Green New Deal to fight climate…

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