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Australia plans coalfield the size of Britain in climate change U-turn

Does not get more awesome than this. Source: Times (UK) GWPF Web | PDF via May 25, 2019 at 02:40PM

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Scotland Yard Wants To Charge More Than 1,100 Climate Rebels For London Shut-Down

Scotland Yard wants to charge more than 1,100 people who were arrested during last month’s Extinction Rebellion protests, a senior office has said. Horizontal; Crowd; Kettle; Police; State More than 70 activists have so far been charged in connection with…

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Overpopulation – The Deadly Myth behind the Other Modern Myths

By Kay Kiser, author of Saving Africa From Lies That Kill: How Myths about the Environment and Overpopulation are Destroying Third World Countries, Book 2 of the Modern Mythology Series Originally Posted May 20, 2019 on blog Who says…

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Send Money, Or The Climate Gets It!

By Paul Homewood   h/t Robin Guenier   Britain’s wealthy elite are being asked to dip deep into their pockets to protect the environment and the climate. A group of scientists has written to the top 100 wealthiest charitable bodies…

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