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Monthly Archives: May 2019

Summer Rates Kick In At The Greenland Country Club

Today is the first day of meteorological summer, and temperatures at The Greenland Country Club have warmed up to a balmy -27C (-17F.)  Summer greens fees now apply, but do not include treatment for frostbite and medical evacuation. Ask about…

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Several coldest May mornings on record in Australia

Several May temperature records – at least one more than a century old – were broken in southern Queensland overnight. Applethorpe, Oakey and Dalby all suffered their coldest May mornings on record. The temperature plummeted to -6.1 C in Applethorpe,…

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“Peak Negativity”: Climate Fear Doesn’t Work Unless you also Tell People What to Do

World Energy Consumption. Notice the thin green smear on the bottom, the outcome of all the billions spent to date on renewables. By Con-struct – BP Statistical Review of World Energy 2017, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link Guest essay by Eric…

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Polar bear habitat update: open water primarily due to winds pushing pack ice

Here is a look at what polar bear habitat looks like this year at the end of May compared to previous years. It helps put any predictions of impending doom into perspective. This is the time year when declining sea…

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