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Forbes: Climate Leaders Believe Faith Rather than Action will Achieve Green Salvation

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Are greens facing a growing crisis of confidence, in leaders who make great public shows of climate piety, without backing those words with actions?

Is The Climate Change Debate A Replay Of The Reformation?

Michael Lynch Contributor 
Jun 30, 2019, 07:12am

In the early days of the global warming debate, I read an English writer praising his country’s example of recognizing climate change compared to American skepticism, although he did admit the British hadn’t actually taken steps to address the problem. Similarly, the U.S. has reduced greenhouse gas emissions more than most countries in the past few years, but incidentally, mostly due to cheap natural gas, and it remains the climate villain in the eyes of many because the president is a denier.

Some of the new proposals to address climate change put me mind of the debate between faith and works, especially when they seem more for demonstration purpose than actually reducing emissions.  Numerous governments have suggested phasing out all carbon-based electricity generation or all petroleum-fueled vehicles by a point decades into the future, and these tend to be hailed by activists as representing, if not solutions, then great strides forward. New York state, for example, just proposed phasing out carbon-based electricity by 2050; France wants to ban conventional vehicles by 2040, the U.K. by 2050.  But as Michael Coren notes, “So far, it’s just words.

And we have been here before. Many other national and sub-national environmental programs were later abandoned; the 1990s saw California enact mandates for electric vehicle sales—requiring 10% of sales in 2003 be zero emission vehicles—which was adopted by a number of other states, primarily in New England. Ultimately, it was abandoned after wasting billions of dollars. Numerous locales in the U.S. signed on to requirements for oxygenated gasoline, only to back out at the last minute when the cost became apparent.

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Are we seeing a green version of The Reformation?

I agree with the author that there seems to be growing criticism of the blatant hypocrisy of high profile greens, their great public displays of green piety no longer seems enough to cover for all their private jets, opulence, and utter personal hypocrisy.

Yet even amongst greens critical of the hypocrisy of their leaders, there is very little acknowledgement of practical issues. For example, very few greens, even amongst those to take their personal lifestyle choices seriously, seem to recognise that US fracking technology has substantially reduced the USA’s greenhouse emissions. Many greens continue to vigorously oppose zero carbon nuclear energy.

Sadly the author mars an otherwise excellent article, finishing up by praising the potential benefits of a carbon tax, though he doesn’t really explain why a carbon tax would be different from previous failed green schemes.

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June 30, 2019 at 03:46PM

Climate change – The not so hidden agenda of totalitarian control

“The doctrine is suicidal not to mention antidemocratic.”
– James Wood

Climate change – The not so hidden agenda of totalitarian control

James Wood

A false and vicious doctrine of climate change has permeated the halls of power. It will have its way against science, economics and common sense. A constructed evil arising from notorious elites whose early representatives gave us the Club of Rome and the first Earth Day.

It is now nearly triumphant despite the growing opposition from dissident scientists and others who are increasingly aware of the economic threat these ideas represent. However, simply reflecting on the issues of climate change and its outrages is not entirely the issue.

The situation in the state of Washington is really not about environmental policy per se but the capture by manipulative elites of a large part of the public imagination to secure power. An anti-industrial movement which will destroy the fruits of the industrial revolution is taking control of the Western world in the name of planetary salvation and with the not so hidden agenda of totalitarian control. The doctrine is suicidal not to mention antidemocratic.

Currently, the tactic of the Republicans in Oregon seems almost like a joke. But note that popular supporters of the Republicans in the form of an armed militia point the way to the future. It is inherent that an anti-industrial and uneconomic program such as the Greens demand will produce increasingly desperate losers.

It has been said that society is not a suicide pact. Policies of this nature must be opposed by all means available. The walkouts by the Republicans argue that the current structures of government are stressed. The ability of the losers in a political struggle to abide the success of the winners is growing.

Unfortunately, it seems unlikely that resistance will grow fast enough to prevent Green dictatorship as it stands. Large parts of the government and essentially all of the media are in the hands of the Greens. The propaganda is incessant and the formal power in opposition is weakening.

It is likely the US and the West will succumb to this threat which has grown so large. Still, there is one hope of a deux ex machina saving the day. We all know it as the next Ice Age whose leading edge is seen as the Grand Solar Minimum. Long before it is admitted a new Ice Age has begun, the changing climate will wreak havoc on agriculture and give the lie to global warming.

We can only hope that the current damage to agriculture caused by global cooling will be enough to create a general crisis. A wet winter followed by a cool summer and early fall frosts would be truly devastating to farming in the northern hemisphere. The damage to the narrative of global warming inflicted by falling temperatures and the onset of major economic crisis triggered by those temperatures’ effects on agriculture could be a major blow to the Green movement and by extension the credibility and authority of the new liberalism. The economy is already heavily stressed by excessive debt, trade wars, political tensions, and a general failure to invest effectively in new plant and infrastructure in the US. This not-so-tiny straw could break the camel’s back.

Whether by democratic means or the activities of local militias a chance to gain public support for the destruction of the Green movement could come in the midst of chaos. All those who wish to reaffirm the value of the industrial age should make ready. Nature may be about to give us an opportunity to extinguish a vile doctrine which careless civil society has allowed to nearly claim complete victory.

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Noah Carl Fights Back Against Threats To Academic Freedom

I have been asked to circulate this article by Toby Young in the Spectator.


Although not climate related, it does have similarities to the Peter Ridd case, and concerns threats to academic freedom:


June 30, 2019 at 12:51PM

Chile – More than 3,000 people isolated by snow

News calls it a “meteorological emergency.”

29 June 2019 – More than 3,000 people remain isolated in the Lonquimay area due to the accumulation of snow. In addition, several rural sectors have been without electricity for 4 days.

Heavy machinery is working to clear the routes: 6 motor graders, a bulldozer and two trucks with front shovel.

As of now, only the main routes have been cleared. For this reason, machinery will be added to work in the meteorological emergency.

The border crossings of Pino Hachado and Icalma remain closed due to the snow and white wind in the high mountain range.

Pino Hachado has been closed since June 23, for this reason about 90 trucks are waiting for the reopening of the pass to continue their trip to the destination.

Now low temperatures arrive. In the commune of Lonquimay is forecast 7 degrees below zero for this Sunday.×400.jpeg

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