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From Climate Change, Holy Government Deliver us!

The nearly religious appeal to government to fix the “climate problem” is childlike, even in the mouths of progressive politicians.  James L. Payne writes at the The Foundation for Economic Education How to Talk to Children about Climate Change.  Excerpts…

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CO2 Exonerated

. . Man-made climate alarm? No – nothing to see, move along please. Science Matters Vijay Jayaraj makes the case for carbon emissions in relation to the question: Will My Carbon Footprint Benefit or Harm the Environment? May 28, 2019…

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Trump Allows For Expanded Ethanol Sales As Chinese Tariffs Squeeze Farmers

From The Daily Caller Michael Bastasch | Energy Editor The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced Friday it would allow the year-round sale of higher ethanol gasoline. EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler said the agency was fulfilling President Donald Trump’s promise to…

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New Proxy Data Show Northern Europe Weather Variability In Sync With Natural Factors: Solar Activity, Oceanic Cycles

Another new paper, which of course will be ignored by the government-funded IPCC because it contradicts claims CO2 drives climate, shows that natural factors dominated the earth’s climate variability. A team of scientists led by Jerome Goslin have published a…

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