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Sorry, Alarmists, Climate Chaos Is Not Here

From The Federalist Despite Democrats’ cataclysmal framing of every weather event, Americans are safer than ever. By David Harsanyi May 30, 2019 Climate isn’t the same as weather—unless, of course, weather happens to be politically useful. In that case, weather…

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Paltry Pair: After $Trillions in Subsidies & 30 Years, Wind & Solar’s Contribution Remains Risible

Believe the hype, and you’d think that we’re already being powered almost exclusively by sunshine and breezes. Well, the facts say otherwise. Despite squandering hundreds of billions of dollars in subsidies, forcing power retailers to adhere to mandated targets etc,…

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Here is a clip – it’s not that he is brilliant, but the fact that he exists is a big surprise!  via climate science June 1, 2019 at 01:30AM

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In hot pursuit of dinosaurs: Tracking extinct species on ancient Earth via biogeography

University of Tokyo By combining data from fossils and models of the ancient Earth, researchers can map where ancient species may have migrated. This method, called biogeographical network analysis, converts evolutionary relationships between species into geographical relationships. This method was…

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