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Monthly Archives: July 2019

We’ve been warned by an asteroid. The next one might hit.

Larry Kummer, Editor Science & Nature 30 July 2019 Summary: We have had several near-misses – asteroids passing close by with little warning from our sensors. This reminds us that asteroid and comet impacts have changed the course of life…

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Changes In Attitude – Changes In Latitude

Taking the average of all GHCN stations in Western Europe, there has been about 8F (4.4C) warming since 1895. This has corresponded with a southward move of about four degrees average station latitude . The rule of thumb is that…

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Jet Setting Prince Harry Only Wants Two Kids (To Save The Planet!)

By Paul Homewood   Come back Monty Python!   Could this be the same wally who has just travelled to Sicily (by foot?) to lecture a bunch of hypocritical billionaires (who flew there in a fleet of…

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Record low temps in Oklahoma and Texas

Funny how ‘hottest year evah’ assertions keep popping up when so many places are reporting record cold. Thanks to Jack Hydrazine for this link The post Record low temps in Oklahoma and Texas appeared first on Ice Age Now….

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