Firestorm of Fake News: “convenient” global hysteria about Amazon based on nothing but twitter pics

Look who’s feeding the fake news?

Global Fire Data shows this year is unequivocally a low fire season in the Amazon. But social media tears and outrage is running at 1000% driven by fake photos and fake facts of the Amazon producing “20% of our planet’s oxygen”.

And the so-called media experts at the ABC fell for nothing more than hyped rumours and fauxtrage. They didn’t check the data, didn’t ask hard questions.

Based on hyperbolic twitter pics French leader Macron is threatening to cancel a foreign trade deal. The hype serves the purpose of attacking the right wing Brazilian leader Jair Bolnasaro in the lead up to a G7 summit this week…

Who’s feeding the twitter flames? @EmmanuelMacron

The photo he used? It’s a stock photo from Loren McIntyre, a photographer who died in 2003.   h/t  @Desesquerdizada


Thanks to Robert Walker at Science 2.0 for the statistics via Climate Depot.

The tally of fire counts here is up to data for August 22, 2019. Emissions are preliminary estimates based on fire counts, but the graph shows just how ordinary, normal and boring 2019 is.

Amazon fires, emissions, graph, record years. (Click to enlarge)  |  Source: […]

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via JoNova

August 24, 2019 at 01:49AM

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