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Ten Causes of Warming: The Layperson’s Checklist

Guest post by Jim Steele What’s Natural? All temperatures are not created equally. Rising temperatures have many causes. Good science demands we explore alternative hypotheses before reaching any conclusions. Below is a list of common causes of warming trends and…

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The 200 Hottest Days In The Midwest

All but twelve of the hottest summer days in the Midwest occurred below 350 PPM CO2.  The hottest day this century (July 7, 2012) was more than nine degrees cooler than July 14, 1936 – which averaged 106.2 degrees across…

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Same Weather As 1947 Made 100 Times More Likely By Climate Change

England has averaged five degrees cooler than summer 1976. via The Deplorable Climate Science Blog August 8, 2019 at 09:56AM

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So Hot That We Can See Those Urban Heat Islands From Space

New satellite images taken by NASA during the June heatwave show how the central core of European cities is much hotter than the surrounding natural landscape due to the urban heat island effect. The NASA Ecostress map for Paris   |…

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