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How To Lose The Climate War? Tell Britons They Can No Longer Own A Car

Personal car ownership ‘does not appear to be compatible with significant decarbonisation,’ a new report has found. The UK will miss its climate change target unless people ditch their cars and make their homes energy efficient, MPs have said. The Government passed…

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The Munich Security Conference

The Munich Security Conference, held on February 12-14, 2016, demonstrates excellent relationships between the US Democratic administration in the US and the UK Remainers with Putin’s Russia. Neither the US nor UK intelligence gave any indication that Russia was suspected…

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Earth Surface Temperature Data Too Scant, No Certainty. Southern Hemisphere Stations Show Cooling Since 1880!

By Kirye and Pierre Gosselin It is a fact that land surface temperature records going back before 1900 globally are very few and sparse. Worldwide there are only 116 stations Version 3, unadjusted datasets that go all the way back…

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UK Govt Committee: End All Private Vehicle Ownership Because Climate Change

Guest essay by Eric Worrall h/t JoNova; Even EVs like Tesla are not safe from this new demand from the green British Conservative Government. Ditch cars to meet climate change targets, say MPsBy Roger HarrabinBBC environment analyst22 August 2019 People…

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