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September 23, 1886 : US Hurricane Six Of Seven

September 23, 1886 : US Hurricane Six Of Seven The most active US hurricane year was 1886, with four hurricanes hitting Texas and three hitting Florida. On September 23, 1886 Indianola, Texas was hit by their second hurricane of the…

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Live stream climate debate from NYC – minus the Manntastic players

It seems that rather than than say he isn’t coming, Mann and his co-horts resorted to the “we never got the invitation” tactic. – Anthony By Press Release: CLIMATE CHALLENGE: BRIGHT LIGHTS, BIG CITY … BIGGER DEBATE It’s time for…

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Peter Ridd Must Fight Again

By Paul Homewood Quite disgracefully, James Cook University has chosen to waste millions more of taxpayers’ money launching an appeal their case against Peter Ridd, despite the fact that they were wiped out in the original case. As with the…

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New Video : Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence

New Video : Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence This entry was posted in Uncategorized . Bookmark the permalink . via Real Climate Science September 23, 2019 at 01:42PM

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