Trump’s greatest dereliction of duty – – his disgraceful denial of climate change

So screams an opinion piece in the Washington Post.

(Exerpts) – “Trump’s open hostility toward any action on climate will elevate it to a defining issue in the 2020 campaign. Voters will choose between a president and Republican Party proud of systematic resistance to any action on climate, and a challenger and Democratic Party dedicated to historic efforts to limit the already costly threat to life as we know it.

Against this real and escalating threat, Trump — aided and abetted by Republicans in Congress — has pushed to roll back regulation after regulation to curb fossil-fuel emissions. The president has deep-sixed President Barack Obama’s climate plan, rolled back automobile mileage standards and opened federal lands to fossil-fuel companies.

At a time when the international scientific community has concluded that we have 11 years to avert the worst of climate change, Trump and his Republican allies are working to intensify the threat, not deter it. A more egregious dereliction of duty is impossible to imagine. Trump’s denial mirrors the story of Nero fiddling while Rome burns. Like Nero, Trump is helping set the flames. Democrats are raising the alarm. The contrast cannot be clearer.

I agree with that last sentence: “The contrast cannot be clearer.”

The choice is ours. Do we want to continue reaping the rewards of a vibrant, healthy economy? Or do we want to follow some radical misguided leaders on a suicide mission into a tangled world of onerous regulations and slavery?

Indeed, it would be suicide.

With no fossil fuels, what kind of a life would we have?  Almost everything in our lives that we now take for granted requires constant and dependable access to energy. Any sort of manufacturing, any sort of travel, any sort of health care, any sort of construction, any step in food production, all require constant and dependable access to energy.

Is this really what we want?

Think back to how people lived in the 1500s. No cars. No trucks. No ambulances. No airplanes. No tractors. No snowplows. No air conditioners. No furnaces. No electricity. No light in their homes. No computers. No cell phones. No televisions. No movies. No refrigerators. No dishwashers. No hairdryers. No makeup. No electric toothbrushes. No electric razors. No electric saws. No pavement on our roads. No new homes. No new shoes. No new clothes. No new apartments. No water treatment plants. No sewage treatment plants. No hospitals. No MRIs. No organ transplants.  No laser-guided surgeries. No medications (and no plastic bottles in which to place them). It would take pages to list all of the things that would be forcefully wrenched from our lives.

Is this really what we want?

Of course, none of this would apply to ‘important’ people, like politicians or Greenies.

Read entire opinion piece by Katrina vanden Heuvel at

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November 6, 2019 at 05:43PM

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