German Philosopher: Greta’s UN Appearance “Aggressive And Fanatical”…”Barely Veiled” Misanthropy

Climate Debate Going Into Mass Psychosis?

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At the online German news weekly Der Spiegel here, we find an interview with philosopher Alexander Grau.

Grau has been studying the language and symbols in the climate debate and also works as a freelance cultural and business journalist. He writes the column “Grauzone” for political magazine “Cicero”.

When asked by Spiegel what he thought when he saw Greta Thunberg’s outburst at the UN in New York and her emotional accusation of “how dare you!”, Grau responded:

Greta Thunberg’s performance was aggressive and fanatical. That was repulsive and clumsy. “Fridays for Future” on the other hand has to make Thunberg’s message suitable for events. This is about mass communication: the result is political kitsch: simple solutions, sub-complex problem consideration, strong collective emotionalization, transfiguration of nature and a denial of reality that claims to be realism.”

He tells Spiegel: “Greta Thunberg’s appearance had something fanatical about it.”

When Spiegel asks if Greta Thunberg and “Fridays for Future” call on us to finally acknowledge the reality of climate change and draw conclusions from it, Grau says that there’s a series of conflicting goals at play:

But the whole story also includes the fact that we are dealing with a series of conflicting goals. Climate protection is just one of many political goals. Without poverty reduction, for example, we will not get a grip on overpopulation. But for that we need economic growth and a great deal of cheap energy. A complete phase-out of humanity from fossil fuels could lead to even greater catastrophes.

Grau also told Spiegel in the interview:

In view of human intervention in the ecosystem, many people think that the world would be more peaceful, ecological and harmonious without humans. But that is nonsense. Man, also the man of modernity, is part of nature, not an external foreign body. Here a cynical misanthropy is barely veiled.”

Read full interview on Spiegel Online

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November 20, 2019 at 01:42PM

2 thoughts on “German Philosopher: Greta’s UN Appearance “Aggressive And Fanatical”…”Barely Veiled” Misanthropy”

  1. Climate Change is a deception, to take all eyes off of the real problem….Geo-engineering our weather, for the past 70 years they have been dumping heavy metals on us, on a daily basis…. it has come to a point where our planet can no long sustain all the heavy metals…..the heavy metals are causing, Methane Gas that has been capped in ice to be released….methane Gas is encasing the planet in glass….they control all weather patterns…..when they geo-engineer our weather along with Haarp it causes violent earthquakes. NASA also put our a report that the planet will soon be in a 100 year drought….all the heavy metals have destroyed our eco-system.

    What do you think would happen if there was a Giant CO2 spill on planet earth…would our planet die….NO it would Not….the planet would get Greener….if there was high CO2 in the habited of a lobster and a crab….do you have any idea what would happen to them? They would double in size….we could feed world hunger….CO2 does not affect the Climate. Plants need Carbon…it is the life’s blood of a plant….

    Climate Change is part of Agenda 21…UN Agenda for the 21st century…’s the UN’s take down of our world…..Rosa Koire has fought to expose Agenda 21 to the citizens of planet earth….she knows everything there is to know on the topic….she has also written a book…Behind the Green Mask…. the deception that we are being fed….fooled…please have a look at her site

    Have a look at “What in the world are they spraying by G. Edward Griffin by Dane Wigington he has been fighting geo-engineering our weather for more than 15 years

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