The Calamity of Models – Podcast with Willis Eschenbach

Our resident polymath Willis Eschenbach joins Heartland Senior Fellow Anthony Watts to discuss the parallels of hysteria and failure surrounding climate models and the coronovirus model that effectively put the world on hold.

Problem is, it’s worse than the old computer programmers adage “garbage in/garbage” out this time.

I’m sure you’ve heard about Neil Fergusson, the philandering epidemiologist from Imperial College who created the COVID-19 model that governments used to make lockdown decisions. Turns out, it was hugely flawed, and the code was a train wreck.

As a result, Neil Ferguson’s COVID-19 model could be the most devastating software mistake of all time.

Even in climate science, the gloom and doom worst case scenario has been seen to need a dialing back, except that it’s no longer climate “science” these days, and instead of dialing back, the dogma requires a 50% increase in future temperature predictions.

These unreal models are affecting real lives.

Like this:

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via Watts Up With That?

June 30, 2020 at 08:06AM

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