Antibodies against the Covid spike, not the shell, predict survival

Three important findings from three different studies:

1. That people who survive Covid have more antibodies against Covid virus spikes than the nucleocapsid shell.

2. Monoclonal antibodies against the spike are already being developed and are progressing apace.

3. But many antibody tests are looking for the wrong antibodies.

A new study found a different pattern of antibody responses in people who recovered from Covid compared to those who died. Survivors had a antibodies predominantly against the viral spike (S), whereas early in the infection those who would not recover had more antibodies against the outer shell, known as the nucleocapsid (N). This has implications — in vaccines, testing, treatment and possibly figuring out why some people don’t even get sick at all.

Atyeo et al is a small study. But one tantalizing line suggests the pattern of antibody responses was even better at predicting who would die than the age of the patient, which was until now the best clue we had. It appears that some patients had a strong immune response but they were making more of the wrong kind of antibodies, and perhaps these would not able to neutralize, or stop […]

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via JoNova

August 17, 2020 at 12:02PM

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